Wedding in Montecito

Here your celebration will become an unforgettable fairy tale

Complex “Montecito” will fascinate you with stylish and exquisite atmosphere, unique design, luxury, romance and at the same time coziness. If you are preparing a wedding, family or company celebration-we will be happy to host your holiday!

Important information for the future newlyweds:

For wedding events, the Montecito complex offers two separate halls-restaurant Montecito and ballroom Montecito Hall. The two halls can be combined in one large hall with capacity up to 500 seats and up to 700 seats “cocktail”. The richly landscaped summer garden is available to guests from both halls, offering 120 seats located in beautifully arranged tents. There we offer welcoming guests with a welcome drink, a wedding ceremony and other wedding rituals.

Here is a brief description of the two halls:

The Montecito restaurant has 180 seats in the main hall. Designed especially for weddings, with a large dance floor, and visibility from any place to it. Guests can observe all rituals and the newlyweds from their place. Attraction is the open roof above the dance floor – you dance under the stars or watch the fireworks that we often do on holidays.

Especially for big wedding events, we can offer you ballroom “Montecito Hall”-with an area of 400 sq. m. , with a height of 6.5 meters, with impressive design, which has 320 seats.Montecito Hall offers to its guests the accommodation of large round tables for up to 12 people, special table for honeymooners and guests (4 seats), DJ Corner, buffet for drinks and extensive dance floor. The beautiful crystal chandeliers, painted and richly ornamented ceilings will add extra shine to your event.

Montecito Hall is equipped with multimedia and large screen, which can be broadcast photos, videos, etc.

About the organization of the wedding celebration:

It is important to mention that due to the high capacity of the halls, we have a minimum occupancy requirement in terms of the number of guests when it comes to Saturday or Sunday wedding-for the Montecito Restaurant-Min. 100 coverts for adults, for Montecito Hall Ballroom-min. 140 coverts for adults. This requirement does not apply to celebrations during the week as well as to Friday days as long as they are not weekends or public holidays.

In the event that you are planning a party in a narrower circle but want a Saturday or Sunday, please contact the restaurant manager to prepare an individual offer.

The decoration we have (bedcovers for chairs-Champagne color and five types of ribbons-green in combination with orange, dark green, navy blue, pink and gold), enters the price of decide. Also, to the decoration we offer a white canvas, a traditional menche and high satin stands with flowers, for welcoming the newlyweds.

You can bring alcohol without charge.

Smoking is not allowed in the indoor premises of the complex, for smokers there is a separate place in the summer garden.

Newlyweds receive a bonus-free night in our hotel, and their guests enjoy preferential rates for accommodation at the hotel.

Parking at the Montecito complex is available to guests at the celebration and is free of charge.

It is important to inform you that the request for a date is not a reservation.

To get a detailed offer-please fill in the wedding request form or email us:

The day of your wedding passes like a moment. From the stain and the first dance, the rest of the night. That’s why he needs to be perfect. We dedicate this day to you. Trust our rich experience and professionalism – we will turn it into an unforgettable fairy tale to leave a clue in your hearts. We yearn to fulfill your dreams and be part of something beautiful and real. Everything we do, we do for you with love.

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