Restaurant Montecito


Sofia’s famous and emblematic restaurant “Gorublyansko hanche” is now transformed into a stylish restaurant with sophisticated interior design and unique vision under the name of “Montecito”. The main hall’s romantic atmosphere is contributed by classic solutions with “Louis XIV style” elements, majestic crystal chandeliers and the combination of beige and turquoise blue with gold. The overall look leaves guests with the impression of being seated in a palace’s ball room.

The restaurant has 300 seats, positioned so that guests can keep their view on the entire hall, from any spot to the central part, dance floor and the most impressive feature of the restaurant – the opening rooftop, unveiling the magic of the stars. The garden of “Montecito” captivates with its shades of green, quiet secluded corners and capacity of 150 seats.

With its nice atmosphere, exuding romance, spaciousness, and coziness, “Montecito” restaurant is very suitable for jubilees and weddings, family and corporate celebrations, banquets, cocktails, birthday parties, business meetings and dinners.

Our chef will offer you delicious dishes, both Bulgarian and international. He will also please you with special offers from various parts of the world every month of the year.

“Montecito” restaurant is a part of the large hotel complex “Montecito”. So, in addition guests can enjoy the swimming pool area with its pool bar and playground. Children won’t be disappointed – “Montecito Kids” is their fun spot, where they can play under cheerful animators’ supervision.

Hotel, restaurant, garden, pool, kids’ playground – “Montecito” complex is your place for recreation and entertainment!

Let us make your dream a reality!